No. 1 Chung Ying Street

Derek Chiu, Hong Kong

中英街1號, 2018, 117 min, K12

The anti-colonial labor riots of 1967 cause a rift between young Chun-Man and his potential sweetheart Lai-Wah living on the Hong Kong side of the Chinese border. In 2014 the same place is the backdrop for young activists facing the aftermath of the Umbrella Movement that opposed China’s rule. The actors are the same, as are the sacrifices they make, and Hong Kong’s unwillingness to be ruled by others.

Jenni Peisa

Sun 17.3. 16:15 Korjaamo Kulmasali + discussion


Directed by: Derek Chiu. Written by: Derek Chiu, Tse Ngo-Sheung. Producer: Derek Chiu. Director of photography: Lai Yat-Nam. Lead cast: Fish Liew, Yau Hawk-Sau, Lo Wai-Luk. Language: Cantonese. DCP.