Work to Do

Park Hong-jun, South Korea

해야 할 일, 2023, 103 min, K12

Kang Joonhee works in the mid-management of a mid-size heavy industries company. Business is not good, and part of the staff needs to be laid off. The task is given to Joonhee, who comes up with complicated plans, which run against the human reality of the working force. Work to Do develops into a moral dilemma, with the excellent cast developing the drama.

Eija Niskanen

Thu 14.3. at 19:45 Cinema Orion

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Written and directed: Park Hong-jun. Cinematography: Choi Chang-hwan. Starring: Jang Sung-bum, Seo Suk-kyu, Kim Doyuyng, Kim Young-woong, Jang Li-woo, Lee Noah. Language: Korean. Levitys: Alpha KT.