Way Back Home

Park Sun-joo, South Korea

비밀의 정원, 2019, 114 min, K12

An attack that happened ten years ago resurfaces as the police have found the culprit, and upsets the life of Jeong-won and her husband Sang-woo. Opening the old wound also brings to light the deep effects the incident has had on the people close to her. Jeong-won now has to find her footing in life again and also redefine her relationship with husband Sang-woo.

Jenni Peisa

Thu 12.3. 20:15 Korjaamo Elokuvasali
Fri 13.3. 18:30 Korjaamo Elokuvasali


Director and writer: Park Sun-joo. Producer: Yoo Joon-min. Director of photography: Moon Myoung hwan. Lead cast: Han Woo-yun. Language: Korean. Distribution: Monsoon Pictures.