Imaizumi Rikiya, Japan

アンダーカレント, 2023, 143 min, K16

Kanae has inherited an old public bathhouse, which she runs with her husband Satoru. One day, Satoru disappears without a trace. Amidst Kanae’s search for her husband and managing the business, enigmatic Hori appears at the bathhouse seeking employment. Kanae and Hori set up an unconventional cohabitation arrangement at the bathhouse. Meanwhile private detective Yamasaki, hired by Kanae, uncovers secrets left behind by Satoru.

Based on Toyoda Tetsua’s manga series, this mystery brings together diverse individuals at the warm pools of the bathhouse, bringing their hidden memories and emotions back to the surface.

Muru Vähänikkilä

Sat 16.3. at 21:00 Kinopalatsi 10

Sun 17.3. at 14:00 Kinopalatsi 10

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Director: Imaizumi Rikiya. Writer: Imaizumi Rikiya, Sawai Kaori. Based on manga by Toyoda Tetsuya. Cinematography: Iwanaga Hiroshi. Starring: Maki Yoko, Iura Arata, Lily Franky. Language: Japanese. Distribution: Kadokawa.