The Teacher

Chen Ming Lang, Taiwan

我的靈魂是愛做的, 2019, 92 min, K16

High-school civics teacher Kevin is active in supporting the law for same-sex marriage. He is also looking for a partner to share more than a bed with, and finds a lover in slightly older Gao Jin-Wu. The relationship is intimate, but brings out questions both about the past and the future influenced by pressures and prejudices. Taiwan was the first country in Asia to pass the equal marriage law in 2019.

Jenni Peisa

Sat 14.3. 17:00 Korjaamo Kulmasali + discussion

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Director and writer: Chen Ming Lang. Producer: Chiou Zi-Ning, Kuo Bo-Tsun. Director of photography: Eden Feng. Lead cast: Oscar Chiu, Sam Chang. Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese languages. Distribution: Swallow Wings Films.