The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale

Lee Min-jae, South Korea

기묘한 가족, 2019, 111 min, K16

The somewhat eccentric Park family comes into contact with the somewhat eccentric young man, Zzongbie, who seems to have great appetite for biting things. Some kind of virus seems to be involved, but luckily it appears to be of a good kind. There may even be some opportunities involved, and why not some romance as well. However, if a zombie apocalypse was to break out, the Park family should be in a unique position to fight it.

Jenni Peisa

Sat 14.3. 16:45 Korjaamo Elokuvasali
Sun 15.3. 19:00 Orion


Director: Lee Min-jae. Writer: Lee Min-jae, Jung Seo-in. Producer: Lee Ji-youn. Director of photography: Cho Hyoungrae. Lead cast: Park In-hwan, Jung Ga-ram, Lee Soo-kyung. Language: Korean. Distribution: M-Line Distribution.