The Movie Emperor

Ning Hao, China

红毯先生, 2022, 125 min, For all ages

Andy Lau is in his element as a self-centered star-has-been, who embarks on the road to make himself relevant through the shooting of a ‘rural Chinese festival film’. Satire hits home on many levels, and the audience can enjoy an array of references to past years’ Chinese and Hong Kong films in an enjoyable cavalcade of scenes.

Eija Niskanen

Sun 17.3. at 17:00 Kinopalatsi 9

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Directed by: Ning Hao. Written by: Liu Xiaodan, Wang Ang, Daniel Yu. Cinematography: Wang Boxue. Starring: Andy Lau, Rima Zeidan, Pal Sinn, Kelly Lin. Language: Mandarin. Distribution: CMC.