Stone Turtle

Woo Ming Jin, Malaysia & Indonesia

2022, 92 min, K16

An officially uninhabited Malaysian island is the impressive location for a revenge laden meeting between a refugee woman, Zahara, and a man looking for endangered turtle eggs. Events become bloody and take a mysterious turn with folklore rituals spinning the story for a loop. The Fipresci awarded film pairs serious themes with suspense and some unexpected supernatural elements.

Jenni Peisa

Sat 18.3. at 17:00 Cinema Orion

Sun 19.3. at 19:15 Cinema Orion

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Director: Woo Ming Jin. Writers: Woo Ming Jin, Neesa Jamal, Deo Mahameru. Production: Greenlight Pictures, KawanKawan Media. Cinematography: Kong Pahurak. Starring: Asmara Abigail, Bront Palarae. Language: Malay. Distribution: Parallax Films.