Remembering Every Night

Kiyohara Yui, Japan

すべての夜を思いだす, 2023, 116 min, S

Three women are on the move in the Tokyo suburb of Tama New Town on a calm summer day. Their paths cross here and there, but each has their own routes. Small experiences and moments in everyday life are the heroes of the film. A delicately whimsical soundscape adds to the compelling atmosphere that leaves you with a gentle nostalgic touch.

Jenni Peisa

Sat 16.3. at 14:15 Kinopalatsi 9

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Written and directed: Kiyohara Yui. Cinematography: Iioka Yukiko. Starring: Hyodo Kumi, Ohba Minami, Mikami Ai. Language: Japanese. Distribution: PARALLAX Films.