Discussion: Japanese Tea Ceremony

Films are inseparably connected to both the surrounding world and the tradition of filmmaking. The festival programme at Korjaamo includes themed discussions that deepen the understanding of, or open new viewpoints to, the festival’s films.

Traditional Japanese chado, the way of tea, is also known in the West as the tea ceremony. The meticulous art of making and enjoying green tea is also a spiritual exercise that can have a positive effect on a practitioner’s whole life. Harmony, respect, purity and serenity are the essence of the way of tea. How are they present in tea ceremony? The founder and honorary chairman of the Chado Urasenke Tankokai Finland Association Jouni Elomaa will discuss the topic.

Language: Finnish.

Free entry.

Sun 15.3. 18:15 Korjaamo lobby. Following the screening of Every Day a Good Day.

TeeMaa Tea House & Tea Shop sells delicious tea in the Korjaamo lobby on Sunday 15.3. at 4-7pm. Welcome!

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