Killed My Wife

Kim Ha-Ra, South Korea

아내를 죽였다, 2019, 109 min, K16

Chae Jung-ho wakes up and there is a police at his door. His estranged wife has been killed. With blood in his hands and shirt Jung-ho becomes the main suspect. Realising he doesn’t remember the night’s events he starts to hunt the missing parts of his memory. When a bag of cash pops up into play both police and some gangsters are after it. A debut from director Kim Ha-ra is an intensive thriller which depicts consumption standards and economical gender roles.

Malla Salminen

Thu 12.3. 18:00 Orion


Director: Kim Ha-ra. Writer: Kim Ha-ra, based on Hee Na-ri’s online comics. Producer: Dante Media La. Lead cast: Lee Si-eon, Ahn Nae-sang, Wang Ji-hye. Language: Korean. Distribution: Studio Bonanza.