Pema Tseden, China/Tibet

ལག་དམར, 2018, 86 min, K16

We become part of other people’s dreams, suggests a Tibetan proverb in the opening of the film. What follows is a lorry driver Jinpa’s journey through the mountain road to the village accompanied by a mysterious stranger. Co-produced by Hong Kongese Wong Kar-wai and shot in the Academy ratio, Jinpa delivers a tight little story, littered with black humor.

Eija Niskanen

Sat 14.3. 11:45 Korjaamo Kulmasali
Sun 15.3. 14:30 Orion

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Director: Pema Tseden. Writer: Pema Tseden, based on novels by Tsering Norbu and Pema. Producer: Wong Kar Wai, Jacky Pang. Director of photography: Lu Songye. Lead cast: Jinpa, Genden Phuntsok, Sonam Wangmo, Japal Tso, Dargye Tenzin. Language: Tibetan. Distribution: Block2Distribution.