Matsunaga Daishi, Japan

エゴイスト, 2022, 120 min, K16

Thirty-something Saito lives a seemingly perfect life, dressing in the latest fashion and partying with his circle of friends in izakayas. His conventional upbringing in the countryside has been replaced by the bright lights of Tokyo, but his father’s inquiries about marriage create pressure for a “normal” future.

Suddenly, a passionate love affair between Saito and a young personal trainer Ryuta develops. The new relationship brings both immense happiness and sadness to Saito’s life, revitalizing his previously glossy existence.

Egoist beautifully explores different ways to love, whether it’s a boyfriend, family member, or friend. “I don’t know what love is,” Saito ponders, prompting the viewer to contemplate this age-old question as well. This refreshing portrayal of modern times provides a charmingly unique view of Japan’s sexual minorities.

Muru Vähänikkilä

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Directed by: Matsunaga Daishi. Written by: Inukai Kyoko, Matsunaga Daishi, Takayama Makoto. Cinematography: Ikeda Naoya. Starring: Suzuki Ryohei, Miyazawa Hio. Language: Japanese. Distribution: Nikkatsu.