Company Retreat

Funahashi Atsushi, Japan

ある職場, 2020, 135 min, K12

A group of hotel chain employees gather at a holiday apartment owned by the hotel chain, to spend a relaxing company retreat. Soon, however, one employee, Saki, becomes the focal point of the retreat. She, being a victim of workplace sexual harassment and internet bullying, changes the atmosphere from a relaxed get-together to days of suspicion and deception. Funahashi’s masterful handling of a film, somewhere between a low budget indie drama and observational documentary, delves into the dark sides of working life.

Eija Niskanen

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Screenplay, direction, cinematography, editing, sound: Funahashi Atsushi. Production: Date Kotaro/Big River Films, Timeflies. Cast: Hirai Saki, Ito, Megumi Ito, Yamanaka Takafumi, Taguchi Yoshio, Mitsuzono Yuta. Language: Japanese. Distribution: ARTicle Films.