Jessé Miceli, Cambodia/France

Les Affluents, 2020, 82 min, K12

Phnom Penh, the fast changing capital of Cambodia, is the location for the stories of three different young men. Songsa ends up selling clothes on the streets from a tuk-tuk, leaving the safety of his countryside home behind. Thy looks for opportunities to make his dreams come true, while Phearum wants to improve the life of his young family. The French director Jessé Miceli, working with a local crew, presents views into the early stages of the rapid urbanization of the nation and its people. Languid moments give the film breath.

Jenni Peisa

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Direction: Jessé Miceli. Writer: Jessé Miceli. Production: Jessé Miceli, Gaëlle Jones. Cinematography: Run Sokheng. Cast: Songsa Sek, Phearum Eang, Rithy Rom. Language: Khmer. Distribution: The Open Reel.