Glenn Barit, Philippines

2019, 79 min, K7

Glenn Barit has drawn from his high school memories to film the anarchistic slacker inspired indie in his hometown of Tuguegarao. The local kids play out scenes from the everyday goings-on at a catholic school. The energetic and at times juvenile experiences of youth are presented in black-and-white copy style, with colorful highlighting for the main characters. The conditions may be very local, but looking for oneself, hanging out with friends, and goofing around are universal.

Jenni Peisa

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Direction: Glenn Barit. Writer: Glenn Barit. Production: Jean Cheryl Tagyamon, Carlo Francisco Manatad, Nonilon Abao. Cinematography: Steven Evangelio. Cast: Ianna Taguinod, Leomar Baloran, Julian Narag, Carlo Mejia, Gianne Rivera, Charisse Mabbonag, Allan Gannaban & Andrei Marquez. Language: Filipino. Distribution: Glenn Barrit.