He Suming, Singapore / South Korea

아줌마, 2022, 90 min, For all ages

Bee Hua is a middle-aged Singaporean woman, and an ardent consumer of K-drama. She ends up booking herself on a K-drama shooting location tour of South Korea, but gets separated from the tour group, and must find herself back on the tour bus. Ajoomma is a delightful fish out of water -drama.

Eija Niskanen

Sat 16.3. at 16:45 Kinopalatsi 9 (moved from auditorium 10)

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Directed by: He Suming. Written by: Kris Ong, He Suming. Cinematography: Hwang Gyeong-hyeon. Starring: Hong Huifang, Kang Hyung-suk. Language: Mandarin, Korean, English. Distribution: Rediance.