A Wild Roomer

Lee Jeong-hong, South Korea

괴인, 2022, 136 min, K12

A Wild Roomer is a day-to-day pictorial of a young carpenter, who renovates houses and rents a room in a young couple’s house. His normal every day is peppered with sudden meetings of new people, conversations, and odd little events folding in the background.

Eija Niskanen

Sun 17.3. at 19:30 Cinema Orion

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Written and directed: Lee Jeong-hong. Cinematography: Kim Jongsun. Starring: Park Gi-hong, Choi Kyoung-jun, Kim Jeon-gil, Lee Gi-ppeum, Kim Jeon-gil, Sung Nak-sam, Park Ji-geun, Ahn Joomin, Lee So-jeong. Language: Korean. Distribution: MLine.