A Long Shot

Gao Peng, China

老枪, 2023, 118 min, K12

Gu, a former sharpshooter athlete, had to retire from sports due to hearing loss. Now he is the security guard at a derelict factory going bankrupt. The factory is frequented by thieves and locals who are happy to take a bribe to let small gangs take advantage of the factory. A man of honor, Gu, embarks on a violent journey to battle corruption and to save his love interest’s son.

Eija Niskanen

Sun 17.3. at 19:30 Kinopalatsi 9

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Directed and written by: Gao Peng. Cinematography: Florian Zinke. Starring: Zu Feng, Qin Hailu, Zhou Zhengjie. Language: Mandarin. Distribution: Parallax Films.