Makbul Mubarak, Indonesia

2022, 115 min, K16

The former general Purna returns to his countryside manor to do political campaigning, and takes the young man Rakib under his wing. Critique against Purna gives the events a violent turn, and the film becomes a thriller. With an eye on Indonesia’s dark past of military dictatorship that is still connected to the current leadership, this intense first feature has been awarded at several film festivals.

Jenni Peisa

Fri 17.3. klo 21:30 Kinopalatsi 9

Sat 18.3. klo 19:15 Kinopalatsi 10

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Written and directed: Makbul Mubarak. Production: Kawankawan. Cinematography: Wojciech Staroń. Starring: Kevin Ardilova, Arswendy Bening Swara. Language: indonesia. Distribution: Alpha Violet.