Festival teams favourites for year 2024

Too many good movies and not enough time? What should I see at Helsinki Cine Aasia? Read the festival teams tips to make sure you don’t miss out!

The Movie Emperor is a comedic portrayal of the Chinese film industry and celebrity culture. Hong Kong star Andy Lau stars as a self-absorbed movie star trying to remain relevant.
– Eija, Artistic Director

I’m naturally excited about the extensive China section, especially since I haven’t seen all of its films yet! While I could recommend the entire program, let’s highlight the Korean films Work to Do ja Wild Roomer here. I haven’t seen the first one yet, but I expect a realistic and critical perspective on work-life structures, which is an intriguing topic globally. Wild Roomer, on the other hand, left an impression with its unhurried and slightly peculiar atmosphere.
– Jenni, Executive Director

The audience at the Tokyo International Film Festival, myself included, enjoyed A Long Shot with the full range of emotions. The action combined with subtle social criticism made a lasting impression on me. I personally look forward to seeing The Breaking Ice at this year’s HCA, as modern perspectives on the lives of young people in contemporary China are always mind-opening.
– Linda, Producer

Birth, which made an impact on me at the 2022 Busan festival, is an emotional, excellent depiction of a woman’s relationship with her body and external pressures during pregnancy. For more interesting female-centric storytelling, check out Solids by the Seashore, portraying friendship and love in a Thai beach town, a perfect film for March’s grayness!
– Muru, Publicist

It’s a rare treat to be able to see a South Korean indie production in Finland! Hail to Hell is not afraid to tackle some of the darker topics in South Korean society, such as bullying, suicide, and religious cults. However, the movie is far from a pity fest – the superb young protagonists are ready to stick it to their oppressors!
– Tuukka, Assistant Producer

As an avid cinephile, I can’t help but mention The Movie Emperor . My weakness lies in films about the film industry, especially satires, which this film by Ning Hao represents. Premiering at the Toronto Film Festival, it immediately caught my interest, and it’s fantastic that it’s now being shown on the big screen in Finland too.
– Joonas, Assistant Producer

I’m involved in graphic design for the festival, and  become familiar with the marketing images of films in the weeks leading up to the event. As a big nature lover and photographer, I was immediately drawn to the still from Snow Leopard; the image is inherently beautiful, and the subject matter also interests me a lot. I will definitely free up my schedule for this screening!
– Tiia, Graphic Designer

I joined the festival organization after the films were selected, so my knowledge of the program’s films is somewhat limited. However, films that have won prizes at Cannes are usually worth seeing. Therefore, I have high expectations for Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shellj and Only the River Flows. The latter’s neo-noir genre and the gradual revelation of the local community’s underlying secrets is right in my wheelhouse 🙂
– Tuomas, Website