Helsinki Cine Aasia @ Orion

The only film festival in Finland focused on East and Sout-East Asian films, makes a comeback to the silver screen. We present together with Cinema Orion a series of Asian films on the big screen in July. The series includes three films which were shown at Helsinki Cine Aasia 2021 – ONLINE last Apri,l and three previously unseen films. The series starts on Tuesday July 6th, and continues until Sunday July 25th. The films will be shown at Cinema Orion, Eerikinkatu 15.

Favorites from Helsinki Cine Aasia 2021 – ONLINE
Japanese female director Ohku Akiko’s HOLD ME BACK from 2020 was the most popular film at our virtual festival, and it is a natural selection to start our series on Tuesday July 6th. RED POST ON ESCHER STREET from 2020, the new film by Sono Sion begs to be seen at cinemas, and it will be shown at Cinema Orion on Saturday July 10th. Maung Sung’s MONEY HAS FOUR LEGS from 2020 will be shown on Saturday July 17th. This Burmese film dominated the press in June by the news of it’s producer/co-screenwriter Ma Aeint’s arrest by the military regime. No one has seen or heard of her since.

Sharp newcomers
The series will be completed by 3 films that have not been seen yet in Finland. Chinese director Li Dongmei’s MAMA from 2020 follows a family who live in the countryside in the early 90’s. The storytelling feels almost like a documentary and the events of the film actually come from the director’s own life.

Harumoto Yujiro’s Japanese film A BALANCE from 2020 takes a bite of a controversial subject. A teacher has taken his life after being accused of sexually molesting a student. Yuko has been hired to make a news story for television about the events, but this eventually leads to more problems, and the subject hits too close to her home.

South Korean DAYS OF GREEN (2021) has been directed by Shin Dong-il, who visited Helsinki Cine Aasia back in 2017. Yusu and Cheongsan run from their problems for three days together. During their journey they meet interesting people and landscapes, while they form a deep connection to each other.

Tuesday July 6th. at 19:30 Hold Me Back
Thursday July 8th at 19:00 Mama
Saturday July 10th. at 14:00 Red Post on Escher Street
Monday July 12th at 20:00 Mama
Wednesday July 14th at 19:30 A Balance
Saturday July 17th at 14:00. Money Has Four Legs
Sunday July 18th at 16:00 Days of Green
Monday July 19th at 19:30 A Balance
Friday July 23th at 17:00 TOIVEUUSINTA
Sunday July 25th at 15:30 Days of Green

Ticket sale starts on June 29th 2021 at 10:00.