Tickets are on sale now!

Helsinki Cine Aasia 2021 – ONLINE tickets are on sale now!

The voucher which allows you to watch the full 12 film program (45€) and single tickets (7€) are now in sale on Festome platform until teh end of the festival! The online festival will be held at Festhome from Friday April 16th until Sunday April 18th 2021.

All new Festhome users are required to register (free) to the site to be able to use it. The site operates in English.

All films are available to watch throughout the whole festival from Friday April 16th until Sunday April 18th at Festhome. The films Aristocrats and Striding into the Wind both have restricted capacity so make sure to be quick with the tickets.

All films are subtitled in English. Films are only available in Finland.

Buy tickets HERE!

Check out the full program here!