The Ninth Helsinki Cine Aasia will be held online from April 16th until April 18th

The Red Post on Escher Street, 2020
The Red Post on Escher Street, 2020

Experience Asia from the safety of your own home!
Helsinki Cine Aasia goes ONLINE!

The only film festival of contemporary Asian cinema in Finland will be arranged for the 9th time from 16th of April until 18th of April online.
The films will be available for everyone in Finland, and you can enjoy them safely and responsibly in the comfort of your own home.

Even though this year’s festival couldn’t be arranged in cinemas, we still wanted to bring a piece of Asia to you. As usual Helsinki Cine Aasia offers the brightest works from East and Southeast Asia. Your trip to other world is only a few clicks away.

“These are tough times for everyone. Even though culture is snubbed in politics, it is just what we need right now to feed our souls. Every nation over the world is bound into their homes inside the borders of their countries but through films we can have a little trip to the other side of the world.”
-Eija Niskanen, Artistic Director

Festival magnet Sono Sion’s ode to cinema and humanity.

Our first reveal from the program comes from the acclaimed Japanese director Sono Sion with his film Red Post on Escher Street (Eschaa dori no akai posuto, 2020). The film emphasises the importance of an individual and dives deep behind the scenes of film making.

A popular film director holds an open casting for his upcoming film. Countless aspiring actors turn up, craving a chance to star in the film. Naturally there are not enough leading roles for everyone, so some of the actors will be cast as extras. In the course of the film complex and hurtful relationships and huan feelings are revealed.

Eija Niskanen: “Sion Sono is one of the best known contemporary Japanese directors. The Finnish festival goers may know him from his 2012 film The Land of Hope, which was shown at Helsinki Cine Aasia back in 2013. The structure of Red Post on Escher Street and Sono’s way of creating scenes of the filmmaking process is intriguing.”

More news coming soon!

The whole team of Helsinki Cine Aasia welcomes you all to the festival!

Full program will be revealed on Monday March 29th.

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