Mongolian director Bat-Amgalan Lkhagvajav will attend Helsinki Cine Aasia


One of the directors of the film They Sing Up On The Hill (2018), Mongolian Bat-Amgalan Lkhagvajav is Helsinki Cine Aasia’s guest of honour. The film that charms with its sincerity is focused on two young musicians’ encounter and the tenor of their lives in rapidly changing Mongolia.

Bat-Amgalan Lkhagvajav directed the film together with the British filmmaker Ian Allardyce. The two have known each other since 2002 when they worked together on the first reality TV talent show in Mongolia. They Sing Up On The Hill is Lkhagvajav’s first full-length feature film. He has previously directed short films, including The Red Forest (2005), An Encounter in the Woods (2009) and The Wonderful Flight (2015).

Helsinki Cine Aasia’s other guest of honour is the Japanese director Shuichi Okita whose latest film Mori, The Artist’s Habitat (2018) is the festival’s opening film. Shuichi Okita’s sympathetic dramas have repeatedly been among the most popular films at Helsinki Cine Aasia.

Both director guests will attend the screenings of their film.