Helsinki Cine Aasia and WHS Teatteri Union present the film Tharlo on Sunday 20 March

Third time lucky… Contrary to previously circulated information Tharlo will be screened on Sunday 20 March. More details below. 

Tickets: 8€
Location: WHS Teatteri Union (Siltavuorenranta 18)
Date & Time: Sunday 20 March at 3pm

Tibetan, award-winning director Pema Tseden’s black-and-white drama tells the story of a bachelor and shepherd Tharlo. A policeman asks him to get himseld an ID. One thing leads to another, and soon Tharlo’s life has changed completely.

Tharlo (China, 2015) was part of the programme at Helsinki Cine Aasia 2016 which has just ended. The festival screening of Tharlo however, had to be cancelled due to delays with the delivery of the copy of the film.

Tickets to the upcoming screening of Tharlo are available now from WHS Teatteri Union’s website.

Welcome to the screening!