The World of Us

The World of Us

Yoon Ga-eun, South Korea

우리들, 2015, 123 min, S

In her debut feature director Yoon Ga-eun takes a sensitive look at friendship and the social pressures. A bullied ten year old girl Sun finds a surprise best friend over the summer holidays, but sooner or later has to face the other kids. After the sun filled days are over the cruel dynam- ics of power return. Some are clearly ahead in the game, but in the end all could have their vulnerabilities.

Jenni Peisa

Fri 17.3. 10:00 Korjaamo Kino (Baby and parent screening)
Sat 18.3. 12:00 Korjaamo Kulmasali
Sun 19.3. 17:00 Korjaamo Kulmasali


Directed: Yoon Ga-eun. Screenplay: Yoon Ga-eun. Producer: Kim Soon-mo. Cinematography: Min Junwon, Kim Ji-hyun. Starring: Choi Soo-in, Seol Hye-in. Language: Korean. DCP. Distribution: Finecut.