Hirobumi Watanabe, Japan

プールサイドマン, 2016, 117 min, K-12

Watanabe brothers visited Helsinki Cine Aasia in 2014 with their film And the Mud Ship Sails On, and as a special 5-year festival celebration treat we offer their latest film Poolsideman, a story of an introverted man whose days are a monotonous repeat of working at the municipal pool, playing computer games, and listening news from Middle East. Until he is paired with the most unpopular colleague from the pool to go and help in a neighbor town.

Eija Niskanen

Thu 16th March 8.30pm Korjaamo Kino

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Writer and director: Hirobumi Watanabe. Producer: Yuji Watanabe. Cinematography: Bang Woohyun. Music: Yuji Watanabe. Starring: Yukiko Hachisu, Misao Hirayama, Gaku Imamura, Karin, Takanori Kurosaki, Mayumi Nakayama, Hitoshi Suzuki, Mina Takeda, Kodo Toda, Hirobumi Watanabe. DCP 117 min b/w. Language: Japanese. Distribution: Hirobumi Watanabe.