Kaili Blues

Kaili Blues

Bi Gan, China

路边野餐, 2015, 113 min, K-7

Set in Guizhou’s old Miao minority areas, Kaili Blues is an aesthetically arresting debut feature. Full of colors, tones, and symbolism the film of- fers a poetic trip into the past, present, and future of the lead character Chen. Starting on a journey after his misplaced nephew he encounters people and memories that are entwined in different times and places.

Jenni Peisa

Fri 17.3. 18:00 Korjaamo Kino

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Directed and written: Bi Gan. Production: Wang Zijian, Shan Zuolong, Li Zhaoyu. Cinematography: Wang Tianxing. Starring: Chen Yongzhong. Language: Kaili dialect. DCP. Distribution: China Film International.