Japanese Girls Never Die

Japanese Girls Never Die

Daigo Matsui, Japan

アズミ・ハルコは行方不明, 2016, 100 min, K-12

Haruko is unlucky in love and works a miserable job. And, she will disappear. Aina tries hooking up with a self-centered graffiti duo Kilroy. As their storylines draw closer together, much is revealed about the power men still wield in contemporary Japan. Girls may be glittery but men do deserve the beating they get from a gang of highschoolers in the film.

Leena Eerolainen

Fri 17th March 6.30pm Korjaamo Kulmasali
Sat 18th March 9.30pm Korjaamo Kulmasali

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Director: Daigo Matsui. Screenplay: Misaki Setoyama. Production: Yoko Edami/ A Phantom Film. Cinematography: Hiroki Shioya. Cast: Yu Aoi, Mitsuki Takahata, Taiga, Shono Hayama, Huwie Ishizaki. Language: Japanese. DCP. Distribution: Klockworx.