Rithy Panh, Cambodia/France

Exil, 2016, 77 min, K-12

Rithy Panh returns to his years during the Khmer Rouge. A single room, one character and the changing set reflect the passing years, while the narration, quoting Mao and Baudelaire, questions the gap of revolutionary ideals and their execution.

Eija Niskanen

Sat 18th March 4.45pm Korjaamo Kino – After this screening, there will be a free talk Experiences from Cambodia. See more details here >>
Sun 19th March 2pm Orion

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Director, screenplay and editing: Rithy Panh. Set design: Mang Sarith, Sang Nan. Production: ARTE, Bophana Production. Narration: Randal Douc. Cast: Sang Nan. Language: Khmer, French. DCP. Distribution: Films Distribution.