Come, Together

Come, Together

Shin Dong-il, South Korea

컴, 투게더, 2016, 122 min, K-12

A family of three is trapped in the rat race of contemporary consumer society: father is replaced by a younger employee, mother is striving to be the top salesperson at her job, and the daughter has to get to that top university. The harder they try, the further away their goals seem to go. In the end the family members are forced to look for the alternative values.

Eija Niskanen

Sat 18th March 7pm Korjaamo Kulmasali
Extra screening Sun 19th March 7pm Korjaamo Kulmasali

Director Shin Dong-il will be present at both screenings. Read more here >>

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Director: Shin Dong-il. Screenplay: Han Ji-soo, Shin Dong-il. Production: Biashin Pictures. Cinematography: Kim Bow-ram. Cast: Im Hyeung-gook, Lee Hye-eun, Chae Bin. Languages: Korean. DCP. Distribution: Biashin Pictures.