Single ticket 9€

Screening pass (5 tickets) 40€

Parent & Baby Screening 7.50€

Tickets can be bought online starting from Thursday 2.3. and throughout the festival. Single tickets can be bought from the individual film pages here.

During the festival tickets can also be bought at the screening locations. Ticket sales open one hour before the first screening and close when the last filmin the location begins. Tickets to Helsinki Cine Aasia screenings cannot be bought from Korjaamo or Orion at other opening times. In addition on Friday 17th March, Helsinki Cine Aasia ticket sales at Korjaamo are on a break from 10.30am to 3pm.

Please note that when buying 5 or more tickets, it’s cheaper to buy a screening pass first.

Screening pass can be bought in the Screening pass section here. Screening passes are not personal so you can use them to buy single or multiple tickets to the screenings of your choice. The screening passes cannot be used to buy tickets to sold-out screenings.

Please note that you can also purchase a screening pass from the Helsinki Cine Aasia ticket booth at Korjaamo or Orion. However, the screening pass purchased from the ticket booth cannot be used to redeem individual tickets online. Instead, the individual tickets must be redeemed also at the ticket booth.

To celebrate the Helsinki Cine Aasia 5th anniversary, anyone born in the year of the rooster in the Chinese zodiac may claim a 3€ discount on the voucher when bought at the festival box office with proof of date of birth.

All films are subtitled in English.

UPDATE 10th March 2017: Due to our mistake, the age category classifications were initially left out from the description of the films in our programme but these have now been added. If this affects already purchased tickets, please contact staff@helsinkicineaasia.fi.