ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The festival team’s picks

This year’s festival programme includes plenty of contemporary Korean films and female energy. On the bill there are not less than four films from South Korea and films by female directors from both Southeast Asia and Japan. The full programme can be viewed here. And as a special treat, here’s what some of our team think everyone should see:

Shoot Me in the Heart 1200 x 800

Sonia, graphic designer, Shoot Me in the Heart (Fri 4 March, 7pm @ Andorra):

“A couple of years ago I saw another warm-hearted comedy set in a mental institute from Korea (I’m a Cyborg but That’s Ok), which I really liked a lot. So my expectations are high for this one, too.”


Three Stories of Love 700 x 394

Tuomas, volunteer, Three Stories of Love (Sun 6 March, 3pm @ Andorra):

“I am interested in Three Stories of Love because the director’s earlier piece All Around Us stuck in my mind for its delicate and insightful way of dealing with some really heavy stuff.”


Ecotherapy Getaway Hotel 2000 x 1333

Leena, producer, Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday (Sat 5 March, 5pm & Sun 6 March, 6.15pm@ Dubrovnik):

“As a huge fan of Okita’s situational comedy I felt like shouting out ‘hip-hooray’ when I heard the subject matter of this year’s film: Group tours! Hiking! In Japan you only have to take an hour’s train trip out of Tokoy to witness all this IRL, but now you don’t have to go even that far.”


Right Then, Wrong Now 1311 x 803

Eija, programming director, Right Now, Wrong Then (Sun 6 March, 8.30pm @ Andorra):

“Man meets woman. Man meets woman again. Déjà vu. A film director a little bit full of himself meets a girl and let’s go.”


Haemoo 1136 x 852

FÆK, the main act at Helsinki Cine Aasia’s  J-rock & Asia Pop Galore! club, Haemoo (Fri 4 March at 9pm @ Andorra):

Haemoo caught our eye because it deals with such topical issues. We are looking forward to seeing how Shim Sung-bo manages his debut as a director.”